The 22nd International Society of Cryosurgery Academic Conference and General Meeting was successfully held

October 9,2023


The 22nd Congress of the International Society of Cryosurgery (ISC) was held in Vienna, Austria on September 22-23, 2023 for 2 days. The Congress was successfully prepared and organized by Prof. Nikolai N. Korpan, President of the Congress, and Prof. Yaron Har-shai, then President of the ISC, in collaboration with the ISC Organizing Committee and colleagues from all over the world. The Congress was successfully held and concluded as planned.

The International Society of Cryosurgery (ISC) has held 21 congresses around the world since its first congress in 1972. The last (20th) congress and renewal meeting was held in Beijing, China, under the organization of Prof. Xiao Yueyong, the then President of the ISC, and Prof. Yaron Har-shai of Israel was elected as the 22nd President of the ISC. After two years, this conference was held in a combination of online and offline formats, with the main venue in Vienna. Domestic scholars participated in the event in online form.

This ISC General Assembly mainly includes academic exchanges and general elections.

The conference was opened at 10:00 a.m. local time in Vienna on September 22, 2023, and at 16:00 p.m. Beijing time on September 22, 2023, with the ISC anthem played in the main hall. Prof. Nikolai N. Korpan, President of the conference, opened the conference with a warm speech. Prof. Yaron Har-shai, President of ISC, then delivered his opening speech.


Opening of the Congress by the President of the Congress, Prof. Nikolai N. Korpan


Prof. Yaron Har-shai, the then President of ISC, delivered the opening address.

Prof. Xu Kecheng and Prof. Xiao Yueyong from China, as ISC Honorary Chairmen, delivered important speeches.


Prof. Xu Kecheng, Honorary President of ISC, delivered an important speech.


Prof. Xiao Yueyong, Honorary President of ISC, delivered an important speech.

After the opening ceremony, the conference entered into the academic exchange stage, 21 top experts in the field of cryotherapy from all over the world conducted a two-day academic exchange, this conference centered on cryoablation and cryonics, a large number of high-level research reports and academic discussions. Domestic experts invited to give speeches at the ISC meeting mainly include Prof. Xiao Yueyong, Prof. Wang Hongwu, Prof. Li Chengli, Prof. Li Jiaping, Prof. Niu Lizhi, Prof. Li Wentao, Prof. Yang Po, Prof. Liang Bin, Prof. Liu Shupeng and Prof. Wang Guangzhi.



On behalf of domestic scholars, Prof. Xiao Yueyong introduced the Chinese experience of cryoablation of liver cancer to foreign scholars, which aroused high recognition and warm response from the attending scholars.


Russian scholar Palchikova introduced the principle, method and efficacy of whole-body localized cryotherapy for psoriasis, which attracted the attention of the participating scholars.


Prof. Chengli Li introduces the progress of animal experiments and clinical applications of MRI-guided cryoablation for the treatment of brain oligometastases.

After the academic session, Prof. Korpan organized a round table for all participating experts to have an in-depth discussion on the present and future of cryomedicine. In particular, the concept of cryoimmunity was mentioned by all participating experts. Cryoimmunity is an important anti-tumor mechanism in addition to direct killing by freezing, and its specific mechanism of action needs to be studied and explored by international scholars unremittingly.


Round Table -《Cryo2023: Present and Future》


According to the ISC bylaws, the term of office is two years. Another important topic of this meeting is the general election, which elected the 23rd International Society of Cryosurgery Board Members and the new ISC president and vice president by vote. It is especially worth congratulating that the domestic scholars were highly recognized by their international counterparts this time and held important positions in ISC.

Prof. Nikolai N. Korpan from Vienna, Austria, one of the founders of ISC, Prof. Xu Kecheng and Prof. Xiao Yueyong from China, and Prof. Yaron Har-Shai from Haifa, Israel, were elected as the Honorary Chairmen of ISC.

Prof. Niu Lizhi from Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou was elected as the 23rd ISC President, while Prof. Wang Hongwu from Dongzhimen Hospital in Beijing and Prof. Li Chengli from Shandong Provincial Hospital were elected as Vice Presidents. The other Vice President is Prof. Oleksiy I. DRONOV from Kiev, Ukraine. Prof. Li Wentao and Prof. Li Dinggang from China were also elected as Board Members. This also reflects that the development of cryonics in China has been highly recognized and widely paid attention by international counterparts.



Announcement of the newly elected ISC President and Vice-President


Finally, the newly elected President of the ISC, Prof. Niu Lizhi, delivered his inaugural speech, stating that he will spare no effort to devote himself to the development of the ISC Society and the promotion and development of the international cryonics business, and to make unremitting efforts for the health and well-being of mankind.



Prof. Lizhi Niu, the 23rd ISC President, delivered his inaugural speech.

At about 21:30 pm Beijing time on September 23, the 22nd ISC meeting was declared successfully closed by Prof. Nikolai N. Korpan, the President of the conference, amidst the mellifluous singing of the ISC anthem sung by the Viennese singers!


A list of election results is attached:

23st Board of Governors of the International Society of Cryosurgery 

▪ 23rd President of the ISC 

Prof. Dr. Lizhi Neu, Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China

• Honorary Presidents of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Nikolai N. KORPAN, Vienna, Austria Honorary President of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Kecheng XU, Guangzhou, China Honorary President of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Yueyong XIAO, Beijing, China

Honorary President of the ISC
Prof. Dr. Yaron HAR-SHAI, Haifa, Israel

• Vice Presidents of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Hongwu WANG, Beijing, China

Prof. Dr. Oleksiy I. DRONOV, Kyiv, Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Chengli LI, Beijing, China

Executive Members of ISC Board of Governors

Prof. John G. Baust, PhD, New York, USA
Prof. Yoed Rabin, PhD, Pittsburgh, USA
Dr. Juana Elida Mauro, Buenos Aires, Argentina Dr. Juozas Prushinskas, Vilnius, Lithuania
Dr. Israel Barken, San Diego, USA

Prof. Dr. Wentao LI, China
Prof. Dr. Alexey V. CHZHAO, Moscow, Russia Prof. Dr. Dingang LI, China
Dr. Andrew WILLIAMS, London, United Kingdom Prof. Dr. Tadashi SHIMIZU, Japan
Dr. Sergei V. ZEMSKOV, Kyiv, Ukraine
Dr. Hiroaki NOMORI, Japan
Prof. Dr. Dmitri A. IONKIN, Moscow, Russia

• Secretary General

LL MENG, Beijing, China

YY MA, Guangzhou, China