Greeting from the 21st president of ISC


Dear Members of ISC,

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Friends,

I was honored to be elected as the president of the 21st International Society of Cryosurgery (ISC) during the 20th World Congress of the ISC held in HaifaIsrael, on September 4-5, 2019. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the colleagues and experts from different countries in the world for their support and trust to me.

It has been 47 years, since the establishment of ISC in 1972. In the past half century, ISC has followed the charter of its original establishment, and has always been committed to promote the research and continuing medical education in the field of cryosurgery, cryobiology, cryoimmunotherapy, cryopreservation, and low temperature medicine. Experts from various countries in the world have been actively involved in promoting the academic exchange of ISC, and have carried out a continuous exploration in cryotherapy. From the initial exploratory study to the NCCN guidelines related in cryoablation of tumor, the standard of cryotherapy for benign and malignant tumors has been established. Cryotherapy has been accepted by clinical experts in various fields.

The development of cryotherapy is the results from the efforts of experts all over the world, especially Prof. Nikolai N.Korpan, Prof. Xu Kecheng,and the deceased Professor Saijo Sumida, and so on. They have made great contributions to the development and reform of ISC. On behalf of the new ISC board of governors, I express my sincere gratitude.

On May 26, 2012, I was elected as the president of the first and second terms of Asian Society of Cryotherapy from 2012 to 2016. As the new ISC president in 2019, I will continue to work with the newly elected 21st ISC board of governors to promote the development of cryotherapy and promote the influence of ISC around the world. Now we have created a new website: In the new website, we have summarized and linked the contents of each ISC conference since the 16th session, and will publish the contents of the subsequent ISC conferences in real time and dynamically, as well as various related research on cryotherapy from all over the world. Through the working of the website, more researchers are expected to participate in the society.

On the basis of ISC, the construction of the new website will inevitably become a more comfortable platform for exchanging professional opinions and experiences in cryotherapy technology for the benefit of the medical profession and people all over the world.

As the new president of ISC, I firmly believe that medical experts from all over the world will adhere to our common belief, take the promotion, development and popularization of cryotherapy technology as their responsibility and goal.All members of the 21st ISC board of governors will work with you hand in hand for the development and promotion of cryotherapy in all parts of the world.


The 21st President of the ISC

Yueyong Xiao


21st ISC Board of Governors

Honorary Presidents

Prof Dr. Nikolai N.Korpan, Austria

Prof Dr.Kecheng Xu, China

Prof Dr.Haruo Isoda, Japan

Past President

Prof Dr.Masashi Watanabe, Japan

21st President of ISC

Prof Dr. Yueyong Xiao, China

Vice Presidents

Prof Dr.Yaron Har-Shai Israel

Prof. Dr.Oleksiy I. Dronov, Ukraine

Executive members of ISC Board of Governors

Prof Dr.Lizhi Niu, China

Dr. Sutedja Barlian, Indonesia

Prof Dr.Chengli Li, China

Dr.Juana Elida Mauro, Argentina

Dr.Eisuke Fukuma, Japan

Dr.Patrick Le Pivert, USA

Prof Dr. Alexey V. Chzhao, Russia

Prof Dr.Christos C. Zouboulis, Germany

Dr.Juozas Prusinskas, Lithuania

Dr. Hiroaki Nomori, Japan

Prof, Dr, Andrew Williams, U.K.

Prof Dr.Yoed Rabin, USA

Dr. Israel Barken, USA

Secretary General

Esther Law Poh, Malaysia

Prof Dr.Hongwu Wang, China