17th World Congress

Time:December 11-14, 2013 Add:Bali, Indonesia

Welcome Messages

Bali, Indonesia, December 11th-14th, 2013

The International Society of Cryosurgery was founded in 1972 in Vienna under the organization of Prof. Dr. R. Gottlob and Prof. Dr. H. Haschek. After that, the ISC has held the World Congress every three years till Lisbon Congress in 2001, and subsequently has held the world congress every two years in different cities in the world. This time, the President Prof. Dr. Nikolai Korpan and the Congress President Dr. Barlian Sutedja invited the 17th Congress in Bali, Indonesia on December 11th-14th, 2013. Bali is well known island, the last paradise in the world.

Cryosurgery is a minimum invasive treatment that is a main street of the therapeutic medicine in the 21st century. The third President of ISC, Prof. Giovanni Sesia emphasized challenges to the three natural enemies of mankind: hunger, cancer and pain, which remained still after vanquishing viral diseases with vaccines and antibiotics. For those purpose, he proposed a concept of Medical Cryology applying deep freeze techniques. Actually, medical cryology has proven effective. Cryopreserved foods curtailed hunger and reduced cancer of the digestive tracts. Freezing has also proven effective to relieve pain from many causes. Cryosurgery has been successfully used for the ablation of skin, prostate, kidney, bone, liver, and breast tumors. Besides local destruction of the primary tumor, cryosurgery has played an important role that a part of the cryodestroyed cancer tissues remains silently in the patient’s body, and those proteins have long been recognized as potential cancer antigens to induce systemic antitumor in situ vaccination that will be the Holy Grail of cancer treatment.

The patient's bone marrow stem cells, which were harvested, cryopreserved for decade’s years, thawed, and proliferated in a CO2 incubator if necessary, have been infused into the autologous or allogeneic recipients to regenerate the iatrogenically or accidentally deteriorated hematopoiesis.  Currently, thawed marrow cells were confirmed to be differentiated into pluripotent progenitors of mesenchymal cells to be used for tissue and organ regeneration.

We cordially welcome your coming to Bali to share your current experiences of different specialties in cryosurgery, cryoimmunology and cryopreservation not only in expansion of scientific knowledge, but also will find practical applications of the latest advances in clinical practice and fundamental research in surgery, gynecology, dermatology, urology, ENT, ophthalmology and all fields of clinical medicine.

We do hope that your short stay in Bali will be a memorable one, because you will not only have a comfortable natural circumstance but also enjoy with satisfaction of the program we have prepared for you and your family.

Finally, as the function of the Honorary President of ISC, I must express my deep thanks to Prof. Dr. N. Korpan and Dr. B. Sutedja who are exhausting innumerable hours and devoting effort to prepare this 17th World Congress successful.

Let us share your experiences with us, and 'think cold and debate hot’ in Bali.

Sajio Sumida, M.D., Honorary President of ISC
July 2013