Greeting from the 23rd president of ISC


Dear Members of ISC,

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Friends,

It is with great humility and honor that I stand before you today as the newly elected President of the 23rd International Society of Cryosurgery (ISC). I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for entrusting me with this esteemed position of leadership.

Before I delve into my vision for the future, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of my predecessors. The past presidents of ISC have dedicated their time and efforts to advancing the field of cryotherapy, and their achievements have laid a solid foundation for our current endeavors. Their commitment to research, innovation, and patient care has propelled the field forward, and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

It has been 51 years, since the establishment of ISC in 1972. In the past half century, ISC has followed the charter of its original establishment, and has always been committed to promote the research and continuing medical education in the field of cryosurgery, cryobiology, cryoimmunotherapy, cryopreservation, and low temperature medicine. The advancements in cryoablation techniques, imaging technology, and precision medicine have revolutionized our approach to treating various conditions. Cryoablation, with its minimally invasive nature and precise targeting, has emerged as a powerful tool in the treatment of tumors. The potential of cryotherapy to provide effective and safe treatment options is vast, and it is our responsibility to harness this potential for the betterment of patient’s life cycle.

 One of my primary goals as President will be to promote multidisciplinary collaboration within the international cryotherapy community. By bringing together experts from oncology, we can pool our knowledge and expertise to tackle the most challenging issues in cryotherapy. Through collaboration, we can unlock new insights and develop more effective and targeted treatment strategies.

Furthermore, I am committed to promoting the dissemination of knowledge and research findings in cryotherapy. It is crucial that we continue to publish high-quality research papers and share our findings with the global scientific community. By doing so, we can inspire and educate future generations of cryotherapy practitioners, ensuring the continued growth and advancement of our field.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the ISC for entrusting me with this position of leadership. I am truly humbled by the opportunity to work alongside such esteemed colleagues and passionate individuals who share a common goal of improving patient outcomes through cryotherapy.

In conclusion, I look forward to a productive and collaborative tenure as the President of the ISC. Together, let us embrace innovation, foster collaboration, and continue to push the boundaries of cryotherapy. By doing so, we will pave the way for a brighter future and make a lasting impact on the lives of patients worldwide.

The 23rd President of the ISC 

Prof. Lizhi Niu

23rd ISC Board of Governors

New Honorary President of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Yaron HAR-SHAI, Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, David Erlik Chair in Surgery, Vice Dean for Strategic Development, The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine – Technion, Haifa, Israel

New 23rd President of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Lizhi NIU

Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China

New Honorary Member of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki TSUCHIYA, Kanazawa, Japan

Dr. Barlian SUTEDJA, Jakarta, Indonesia

New 23rd Board of Governors of the ISC

Honorary Presidents of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Nikolai N. KORPAN, Vienna, Austria (since 2013)

Prof. Dr. Kecheng XU, Guangzhou, China (since 2015)

Prof. Dr. Yueyong XIAO, Beijing, China (since 2021)

Prof. Dr. Yaron HAR-SHAI, Haifa, Israel (since 2023)

Vice Presidents of the ISC

Prof. Dr. Hongwu WANG, Beijing, China

Prof. Dr. Oleksiy I. DRONOV, Kyiv, Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Chengli LI, Beijing, China

Honorary Members of the ISC

Prof. John G. Baust, PhD, New York, USA

Prof. Yoed Rabin, PhD, Pittsburgh, USA

Dr. Juana Elida Mauro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Juozas Prushinskas, Vilnius, Lithuania

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki TSUCHIYA, Kanazawa, Japan

Dr. Barlian SUTEDJA, Jakarta, Indonesia

Councillors/Executive Members of ISC Board of Governors

Prof. Dr. Wentao LI, Shanghai, China

Dr. Israel BARKEN, San Diego, USA

Prof. Dr. Alexey V. CHZHAO, Moscow, Russia

Prof. Dr. Dingang LI, Beijing, China

Dr. Andrew WILLIAMS, London, United Kingdom

Dr. Tharun KUMAR, Chennai, India

Prof. Dr. Tadashi SHIMIZU, Sapporo, Japan

Prof. Dr. Sergei V. ZEMSKOV, Kyiv, Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Hiroaki NOMORI, Kanazawa, Japan

Prof. Dr. Dmitri A. IONKIN, Moscow, Russia

Secretary General

Dr. L MENG, Beijing, China

Dr. Yangyang MA, Guangzhou, China