International Society of Cryosurgery(ISC)is fighting against the COVID-19 together with the world

March 20,2020

The Corona Virus Disease 2019(COVID-19 )was discovered in early December 2019,Wuhan China. The novel coronavirus is very contagious,whichhas become a global problem with the spread of the pandemic. The Chinese people have been dedicating themselves to fight against the pandemic. With unremitting efforts, the number of new confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in China continues to decline, and the number of people cured and discharged from hospital continues to increase. The spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia has been effectively contained, and the prevention and control situation is gradually improving.


In the past few weeks, the Chinese people have made tremendous efforts and sacrifices to control the pandemic and prevent the spread of the virus. Chinese government has taken a series of strong measures to resolutely implement the policy of restricting population flow at the beginning of the pandemic, especially in Wuhan, an important city in China, and to mobilize the people of all ethnic groups to actively provide the manpower and material resources needed for the pandemic area. In the way of the whole government and the whole society, from the state to the local governments at all levels have mobilized and fully invested.Two special hospitals for pandemic diseases were set up in just 10 days, which provided effective and timely treatment for patients and won precious time for preventing the spread of the disease in the world.

Since the outbreak, the Chinese members of ISC and ASC(Asian Society of Cryosurgery) have worked hard with all domestic medical staff.Many committee members are fighting on the front line of the pandemic. At the same time, the international community has given material support and good wishes. Our International Society of Cryosurgery, have also received everyone's blessings. Thank you all here. During the pandemic period, while we made good protection, the routine cryotherapy did not stop, and we continued to actively solve the patients' problems. At present, the international community has given full recognition to the Chinese people's fight against the pandemic and full confidence in China and the world to overcome the pandemic.

The pandemic has no national boundaries, actively curbs the spread of the pandemic, and actively carries out international cooperation. In the face of the pandemic, no country is immune to the outbreak. As now the pandemic has spread internationally, all countries need to work more closely together to tackle it. At present, the Chinese government has sent a number of medical teams to countries with severe pandemic situation to fight the pandemic, take the initiative to share experiences with the world, and make due contributions to other countries in fighting the pandemic. 

The ISC will cooperate with the world to fight the new coronavirus pneumonia and overcome the pandemic as soon as possible.

No matter how long this will take, no matter what cost we have to pay, we’re going to win!

Be strong together!

Please see the following handbook from Cyberspace Administration of Tianjin, Wedoctor Digital General Hospital, Wedoctor Tianjin Digital Hospital.

Handbook of Prevention and Treatment of the Pneumonia Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).pdf

The 21st President of the ISC