The applications for the renewal of the Asian Society of Cryosurgery presents a booming scene

November 29,2022

Since its establishment in 2014, the Asian Society of Cryosurgery (ASC) has experienced five sessions of general elections, and the Society has always adhered to the original targets, operating strictly in accordance with the work constitution of the ASC, conducted more than one hundred academic exchanges of various scales, orgnizing the writing of expert consensus on cryoablation of lung cancer, liver cancer, bone and soft tissue tumors and pancreatic cancer published in domestic and international journals and were widely cited, which has made great contributions to the promotion of cryotherapy.

The end of the year 2022 is the time for the general election of the 6th ASC, and the preparatory committee was established at the end of October, and there were many consultations and discussions on the specific matters of the establishment of the new academic society. The new ASC academic group is open to all of the Asia in accordance with the ASC constitution, and the qualifications for applicants are defined for all types of scholars engaged in various clinical cryotherapy and basic cryonics research, as well as detailed regulations for the different positions in the ASC, including years of practice, published papers and achievements, work experience, etc. Up to November 25, 2022, over 800 scholars have submitted their applications, and over 500 have met the requirements for membership after careful screening. Such a booming application trend is the first time in the history of the ASC, showing a large group of cryomedcine practitioners and high motivation for academic participation.


Prof. Xiao Yueyong, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, said, " Based on the current applications, cryomedicine is a multidisciplinary technology that involves basic research on cryomedcine, cryo-preservation, cryo-ablation and cryo-immunization. In the future, the Society will become an open, multi-element academic group with members in the field of cryosurgery, dermatology, gynecology, plastic surgery and basic cryonics research. The proportion of interventionalists in the membership of the Society will be reduced, but cryoablation of tumor is still an important tool for oncology treatment that the Society needs to develop and promote. He personally gave high expectations for the future development of the ASC and expressed his vigorous support for the new ASC academic group that will be re-elected soon.